Rules & Regulations

The event is supposed to be a fun day of competitive racing and we should adopt a “sportsmanship” attitude by showing respect to those who compete, officiate, and organize the event. Please respect this facility by not damaging equipment on or off the track and there is NO alcohol consumption by anyone until the Tree is taken down. Please remember that the regular rules of the road apply when leaving the facility. 

Prize money will be paid to the winner, runner-up, and semi-finalist.

The King of the Hill winner will receive 50% of the registration fees for this segment.

Rules (IHRA Rules Apply):

  • All racers must sign a waiver.
  • All racers must wear a helmet.
  • All race vehicles must have a tech inspection.
  • Driver’s choice for burnout or not (“T” sign for burnout across the start line, “Neck Chop” for no burnout).
  • Crossing out of your lane, center line, or into the grass will result in an immediate loss, otherwise the regular first to red light applies. Timing cord and sensors are in the center.
  • Break out is an immediate loss.
  • If you both break out, the lesser break out time wins.
  • If your opponent triggers the timing beam and then has a failure you will take the win; UNLESS you break out, then your opponent will take the win.
  • If you break down in the staging lanes or in the water box area, you have 5 minutes to restart. 
  • If you get the bye run it is the driver’s choice to run or not.


Vegreville Speedway Rules

  • Late registrations and tech inspection only until time trials begin. Tech staff has the final say.
  • No refunds of registration fees will be permitted after the first burnouts proceed. This includes rain out, power failure, or equipment failure.
  • If there is a timing error or entry error, a re-run will be done.
  • Your dial-in time must be clearly displayed at the head of the staging lanes.
  • If you have a major parts failure anywhere on the track, please pull off to the grass to help avoid track oil down.
  • If you vehicle breaks down in the first segment of the dial-in, you are allowed to register a different vehicle in the second segment (King of the Hill).
  • No drugs or alcohol consumption allowed while the Tree is up.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the track.
  • Drivers of all vehicles must wear helmets.
  • All drivers must show proof of valid drivers license. All under 18 are required to fill out a parental consent form.
  • Drivers must wear sleeved shirts and long pants. No open toed shoes allowed.
  • Pit speed limit is 15 km/h.
  • Dial-ins must be visible on the front and driver’s side.
  • NO stunting whatsoever in any area except the burnout box.
  • Vehicles must pass an IHRA approved tech inspection.
  • Street legal vehicles must be registered and insured to run.
  • All jackstands MUST have plywood under the legs. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • No draining of any fluids on the ground.
  • All members are required to help in any emergency or fluid spill.
  • All members are required to volunteer and work when they are scheduled.
  • A complete list of rules are available from any Vegreville Speedway Society board member.


  • You have 5 minutes to reach the staging lanes after the horn sounds.
  • You have lane choice until the last few vehicles in eliminations. Race officials reserve the right to select your lane if necessary.
  • At the staging lineup, officials will enter only 2 pairs of racers at a time (4 vehicles), so jockeying of positions is not permitted if you or your opponent are entered.
  • Please proceed promptly as soon as racers have past the finish line as directed by officials. Right lane proceeds first to the right side Tree lane, second vehicle to the left Tree lane. First vehicle will carry the sticky note to the timing officials to enter car number and dial times.
  • Wait for officials to prompt your burnout.
  • Shut down area is ample but please respect others who need more space.
  • You can receive your time slip at the staging printer booth.
  • King of the Hill event is a “hot lap competition”.
  • Carry over races will be decided by the track officials.
  • Passengers will only be allowed in the time trials.
  • Do not park on the concrete in front of the fuel tanks.
  • Please remember our “sportsmanship” policy.
  • Please respect the noise bylaws when leaving the track, particularly the night race!

Basic Tech Rules

  • Vehicles cannot leak, fluids, parts, pieces, or dirt.
  • Steering: components functioning and steering wheel secured.
  • Tires: no cords showing.
  • Brakes: have to stop the vehicle.
  • Springs must return throttle.
  • Must have at least one head light and one tail light operating for the night race.
  • Neutral safety start switch.
  • Quads and sleds must have tethers.
  • Battery secured and external shut off for rear mount battery.
  • Radiator overflow catch can.
  • Drive shaft loop when running drag slicks.
  • All wheel lugs present and tight.
  • Roll bars required when running 11.50 and faster, convertibles 13.50 and faster, 2008 and newer vehicles 10.00 and faster, dune-buggies 12.00 and slower.

How the Racer Can Help Make This a Fun Activity For Everyone

  • Listen for directions from race officials, be aware, safe, and help clean up.



Memberships are $20 and are available from club executive, or at the registration booth.



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