Vegreville Speedway is preparing for another year of racing.  We rely on the support of  volunteers.  Every race season we are looking for dedicated individuals who can commit to our drag racing events.  Volunteers are essential to our events running smoothly. We are devoted to providing our community with entertainment and enjoyment that drag racing brings.  We offer to each volunteer free entry and a $10 meal ticket.  Below is the list of positions that we are looking for dedicated people to volunteer for.  Please indicate on your volunteer application form which of these positions you are willing to commit to.  Each position is essential to the success of our events.  Thank you for your time and commitment to Vegreville Speedway.

Gate / Admission:  This person is responsible for checking that electronic waivers have been filled out, and or assisting in this process.  You will also be collecting admission fees for spectators.  This person needs to be technology capable, have money handling skills and enjoy interacting with the public.  Two people are required for this position.

Tech:  Tech personnel must be certified mechanics and have knowledge of specs for drag racing.  The ability to work under the direction of the Tech Director is an asset.

Starting Line:  This position is for people who can work efficiently and effectively under a high stress environment.  This individual must be able to tolerate an excessive amount of noise,  be good with numbers, and have a high attention to detail.  The best vantage point of all the action is at this position, you are the front line!  There are several positions available.

Water Box:  This job is hot and dirty work, but close to all the excitement.  In this job you get up close and personal with the cars.  An appreciation for the sights, sounds and smells of drag racing is an asset.  Not recommended if you have any respiratory issues.

Staging Lanes:  Here you will assist the staging director in organizing the cars for their race and ensuring the race runs smoothly.  This person must work well with others, follow directions, line up cars in order.  This requires recording numbers and keeping them in order.  Must be good with numbers and organization.  This position is critical to the races running smooth and efficient.  Knowledge of staging is an asset.

Security:  Security is needed to monitor and control the flow of spectators in the pit area as well as the bleachers.  Security is needed to respond to issues that may interfere with the safety of the racers and spectators.  This is a very important position and is for someone who can deal with conflict in an effective manner.

We always need people to help set up and take down each race.  Please volunteer to assist with this if you can only make a short time commitment to out events.